AfricaJobs.Net is an Africa Jobs aggregation website portal. No need for readers to go to multiple Jobs portals to obtain various Jobs from Africa, when latest Africa Jobs from all over the African continent is aggregated right here in one place on AfricaJobs.Net

Because AfricaJobs.Net brings all the latest Africa Jobs and Africa NGO careers in one place, It is suitable to serve the jobs information needs of Africa and Africans in the Diaspora as well as needs of all with interest in Africa and Africa related Jobs. It also provides analysis, opinions and Jobs intelligence on Africa and Africa related Careers .

The portal also serves as as an online Jobs database on Africa. It compliments other international media on Jobs and Careers on Africa.

The enormous labour potentials of the African continent are captured, collected and displayed thru AfricaJobs.Net

In the current world where information is knowledge it is important to be duly informed and up to date on career affairs of Africa. This portal provides that.

The eventual mission for AfricaJobs.Net is to grow to an African Career's media group, of the same standard as other world leading Jobs and Carrerer media Groups, that report on Africa and African Careers. The social goal is to create a vehicle for the ready and quick access Access to Carreer resources that would help, increase career Knowledge on Africa which in turn helps to drive the development of the African continent.

AfricaJobs.Net will focus on these areas : Africa Business Jobs, Africa Political Jobs, Africa Technology Jobs, Africa Magazine Jobs, Africa Entertainment Jobs, Africa Sports Jobs, Africa Health Jobs and Africa World Jobs